Praise for Lala

[Her writing is] “Provocative and fast-paced, with vivid descriptions and skillfully crafted dialogue.
Real page-turners.” ~ Sidney Sheldon


Bye Bye Bones

Gutsy Investigator Cassidy Clark is the star of “Bye Bye Bones,” a thriller that crackles with snappy dialogue and feisty females. Tucson author Lala Corriere expertly tracks a series of abductions, including that of a powerful Arizona congresswoman, building this savvy suspense novel to a breath-taking conclusion.

Betty Webb, best-selling author of “Desert Rage”

“Lala Corriere delivers another page-turner in Bye Bye Bones. If you love relentless suspense spiced with humor, wit, and a fascinating cast of characters, then this book is for you!

J. Carson Black, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of “SPECTRE BLACK.”


Kiss and Kill

“Lala Corriere’s latest is a creepy, crafty, riveting wealth of family secrets, sibling rivalry, professional jealousy, unrequited love and basic bloodlust. With elegance, and a sardonic, unapologetic tone that lends an irresistible atmosphere of 1940s-era private eye nostalgia, Corriere presents a contemporary romantic suspense that’s artful, disturbing, and surprisingly poignant.”~~Kathy Altman,  for USA TODAY  Read more

“Witty, lavishly entertaining and relentlessly suspenseful, Lala Corriere’s KISS AND KILL keeps you guessing to the very end.”  ~~New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author J. Carson Black

“Corriere’s trademark twist and turns will keep you guessing. Again, her characters are richly three-dimensional, reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen’s novels.” ~~From bestselling author K.T. Bryan, author of The EDGE Of Honor

“KISS AND KILL takes creative suspense to a new level, leading readers on a wild ride beginning with author Chyna Blaze’s book tours. Real love has eluded Chyna at every turn in her life; her success as a romance novel writer has proven the perfect diversion. At last she’s on track for personal fulfillment—adopting a baby, but that road gets as twisted as her family ties (and un-ties), detoured at many junctures by the threats of a perverse murderer who seems to have a passion for knocking off romance authors. No one sets the stage, creates character profiles, and proceeds to weave as tangled of a tale as Lala Corriere. With three other suspense novels to her credit, each one takes you on a trail you’ve never walked before.” ~~The VirtualScribe


Evil Cries

“Corriere builds tension like a master and creates a psychopath that will make your skin crawl.” ~~CJ West

“I’m amazed at how sharply Corriere can turn a scene from an everyday=like setting into a twisted, evil-filled action-packed novel. She’s honed her crime-writing skills, researched ideas thoroughly, created believable characters and well-driven dialogue, and pushed the envelope with out-of-the-world story lines.” ~~The Virtual Scribe.


Coverboys & Curses

“I had to stop reading this book. Because I was home, alone with my 3 year old and I kept hearing bumps in the house. Turned out it was only my imagination… 🙂 Seriously, loved Cover Boy – but if you have a vivid imagination and/or you scare easily, read it in a crowded place so you don’t freak yourself out. The characterizations are very good, the dialogue snappy and the twists and turns will leave you breathless. A definite, fun, weekend read!”

“Wow – terrific book! I knew that I liked the “previews” that I had read – but the entire book was great. An author to put on your must read list. Looking forward to reading more from Lala.”

“Do not start to read this book if you have to stop to cook dinner or some other task that can’t be put off until you are finished reading it! I love suspense and romance and throw in some wicked twists and I am drawn in! I read “Widows Row” and loved it so decided to pick this one up………I think I just found my new favorite author to follow… hurry up Lala Corriere and create something else to entrance us!”


Widow’s Row

“I really enjoyed Ms. Corriere’s voice and how she weaved the story. Filled with wonderful dialogue, lots of suspense and twists. I enjoyed the pace–fast in the right parts and slowed down when needed…which kept the tension building. I look forward to reading more work by this writer!”

“Ms. Corriere’s willingness to write about a super sensitive, contemporary subject such as transsexuality is commendable. It is well established that prejudice is born of ignorance and one of the world’s great needs is for light to be shed on all prejudices. Kudos to Lala.”

“It started slow but ended with a big bang. Lots of excitement and intrigue. I will be recommending this book to my friends and family.”

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